Wednesday, 22 June 2011

First Bath Brocante - 11th June 2011

After the torrential rain the evening before, which I had spend trying to find extra gazeebos in my road, I was relieved to wake up to a beautiful day.  As I arrived at Alice Park, surprisingly calmly!, Serena Simpson, a friend and dealer had already set up and created a wonderful start and beautiful backdrop made from vintage fabric,with her wares on and surrounding.  I recently found out from a Mum who's daughter swims with my daughter that she had bought a stunning painted cupboard from her.  The vintage tent was beginning to be put up, and a lady showed some interest in my decoupaged cupboard as she walked her dog.  The park was really beginning to come alive and people seemed to be arriving to walk, play tennis, set up stalls and to open up the cafe.  I was needing to smell the caffeine at this stage!  In all there were eight dealers selling an exciting mix of decorative and retro antiques, vintage and antique textiles and clothes as well as beautiful dried herb garlands.  There were rows of beautiful vintage clothes arriving, including a very theatrical striped skirt and ruffled shirt, reminiscent of early circus acts portrayed in Fellini films.  I tried on a beautiful 1940s black floral dress that I was lucky to be able to wear for most of the morning, and indeed managed to find its way into my cupboard!  There seemed to be a steady flow of people arriving and the cafe seemed to fill up quickly, creating a wonderful and very French atmosphere.

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