Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Another Sunny Day for the Second Brocante!

Can't believe it was another sunny day for the second Brocante of the season!  How lucky were we!  As I put the fabulous new banner created by Sound Marketing up early on Saturday morning under slightly menacing clouds I was a little worried.  However as my optimistic stallholders arrived, and we put the marquee that had been staked down the night before to stop it blowing away! up, the sun seemed to conquer and provided a dry morning and sun soaked afternoon with plenty of people coming out to enjoy the park and browse the exciting array of antiques. 

I had been inspired by the Bridport antiques market earlier in the month that created such a wonderful atmosphere of anticipation of what treasure would be found, and a very French feel as people wandered up the street, enjoying the sunshine and browsing.  I bought a quirky vintage suitcase from one of many stacked up, and a 1950s picnic table which provided we ate our lunch on whilst camping.

I bought some exciting new stock for my Brocante, including the American Decorware storage pots in the photo above and some unusual Regaid 1940s water bottles.

It was great to have the Calkins back at the Brocante.  Their stall looked fabulous edged with Adam's bunting, brimming with quirky French crockery, cake stands etc and some beautiful and unusual textiles; embroidered lace curtains and embroidered scalloped edging which would decorate and cheer up any corner of a house/cottage etc.  Could have spoken with Charlotte further about the fascinating social history of her textiles particularly.  Around every corner was something of interest including another favourite item of mine!  This beautiful 1940s/50s dress.

Loved this deco style cup and saucer!  Would love my coffee in it for breakfast, reading my 1950s "Modes & Travaux" magazine that I bought from them too.

Chris Garratt from Old Hat returned too with his unusual vintage broaches/jugs and quirky clothes, and am hoping that he will bring his Petanque players to the Brocante next year. 

Victoria Burton from Puce & Co came from France with her fabulous selection of French furniture, which she gives her own distinctive style to and I especially enjoyed her stripey deck chairs, the seats of which she had replaced.

Alison Meer  from "La Petite Jardiniere" made her debut with her fabulous selection of garden furniture and beautifully planted pots, interspersed with vintage crates and step ladders as well as a fascinating water pump.

Along with Jacqui Hunt and Steve Weekes, there was a real French feel to the day.  Complementing that French feel were Refound Reloved, with their quirky, covetable curiosities and reloved vintage finds; Rosie Blue with her vintage homewares and fabric; Jacqui Martin with her decorative collectables and vintage clothes.  Berverley Hopkins made her debut with her Brocante finds, and I was grateful to her for her enthusiasm and optimism about the weather!

Alice Park Cafe again provided a fabulous backdrop and much needed coffees and bacon rolls.  There was a steady stream of people, including regulars who come back again and again as well as new customers.  Pear Lowe came and bought as well as a local TV presenter.  A couple who had seen my wonderful new banner popped in on their way to Bath from Reigate and another gentleman who has restored houses stumbled upon the Brocante and was very enthusiastic about the event and it's importance in the community.  Someone had already wondered about getting Lottery funding for such events.  I definitely think from feedback from Tony owner of Alice Park Cafe and others that people are keen for the Brocante to continue and that it adds another dimension to the Cafe and park and a broadening of the community.

Imren Eshref and John from Vintage to Vogue came and introduced themselves to me fabulously attired in vintage clothing.  I am having a stall at their Vintage Sunday fair at Bath's Royal Cresent lawns on Sunday 24th June, from 12 - 5pm.  Come along and be part of this really incredible and quirky sounding fair, with stalls as well as entertainment and music, performances and dance classes with Hoppin Mad, Mrs Sotkes Tea Room, hair and beauty makeovers from the Pop up Parlour and the wonderful sounding gramophone maestro Nick "Wind Up Merchant".

The next and final Brocante of the season is on Saturday 14th July, from 10am til 4pm at Alice Park Cafe, Lower Swainswick, Bath so come along and join us on rather appropriately, Bastille Day!  Joining the regular stallholders will be Rebecca Shelton-Agar with her eclectic mix of antique textiles, vintage clothes and quirky decorative items, and Pleasant Pastimes and Just Seven Hats selling quality vintage clothing and accessories and fabulous hats made with vintage fabrics.

On a final note I loved all the knitted bunting, hats and spiders on webs adorning various buildings in Corsham, these being part of a knitting initiative which was part of Corsham Festival.  This was one of my favourites at the Pound Arts Centre.  Could just do with some knitted bunting for the Brocante!


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