Monday, 28 January 2013

Musings on the New Year

Having just read Trixie of the "Vintage Bothy's" blog and been inspired by her thoughts of putting away the Christmas bling to make room for colourful new finds, I feel ready to approach my 'to do' list and to prepare for this year's Brocantes.  Although looking out of my window at the snowy vista and the thought of my pigs hibernating, I can't imagine the sun drenched scenes at most of the Brocantes last year!

Before I put Christmas to bed I wanted to mention my trip with Ottie, my 9 year old, to the Geffrye museum in Hackney, housed in stunning 18th century almshouses.  I have been wanting to visit this gem of a museum for many years.  The thought of an exhibition of Christmas through the ages was enough to get us on the light railway in a hurry!  This fabulous museum of the home with it's reconstructed rooms from the 1600s (with its oak furniture and panelling, to the elegant Georgian era and progessive Victoria, via the quirky 1950s was as wonderful as I imagined.  With its fabulous examples of furniture, textiles, prints and most helpfully cross sections of houses, it gives an incredible picture of the changing styles and tastes of the urban middle classes and also told us an enormous amount about how people lived in their homes and furnished and decorated them, as well as what they ate and drink.  The childrens' information was fantastic and gave all sorts of snippets of information about what people ate and their Christmas traditions.  We particularly enjoyed the cake in the shape of a crown.

and the beautiful mural with its rococco inspired fountains and figures.


Before Christmas I spoke with Jeremy Seal, a journalist who has written an article about the French influence in Bath for the Guardian online.  He asked me about the Brocantes in Alice Park and how they contribute to this.  I feel excited and happy to be a part of this developing influence.

To add to the French feel established at the Brocantes I have approached the Biddestone boules festival to see if they and indeed one of the Brocanteurs who is also involved with boules festivals would come and play in Alice Park.

The dates for the Brocantes at Alice Park this year are as follows:-

11th May
15th June
13th July

If anyone is interested in taking space please contact me via this blog or on 07951 889056.

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  1. Hi Katherine,
    Me meet back last year at the vintage jumble sale Rangeworthy.
    I would love to know more about the Brocante with a view to booking a place!
    Many thanks Adam