Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Now the holidays are over and the children are back to school, there is the excitement of the second Brocante at Alice Park on the 24th September which is fast approaching.  We just need an Indian summer to arrive on the tail of hurricane Katia!  Three of the original dealers will be coming, and some new dealers including Steve Wakefield who has a gite lamaisonstleu.com and sells Brocante.  Come and join us to discover new and quirky finds for your home, or dare I say it for unusual and useful presents for Christmas.

I have been thinking about our recent holiday in Skopelos, one of the Sporades islands which I found incredibly inspiring and relaxing in equal proportions.  As well as being the Mama Mia island, it is very unspoilt and we were very aware of the island's traditions (probably upheld for generations), as we saw in the goat herder arriving on his mules and sitting under the poplar trees when not herding his goats, the beautiful monasteries full of beautiful icons and charminly painted interiors.  We visited the Skopelos folklore museum which was full of treasures, including incredible antique textiles, and clothes, exquisitely embroidered.  The traditional wedding dresses were stunning with skirts in floral folk design and smocks edged with lace, as well as colourful embroidered shoes.

We heard the bell of the beautful 17th century church and house just above our villa and went to invesigate.  The family how own it celebrate Marina day on the 17th July.  In Greece naming days are more important than their actual birthdays and many Greeks celebrate by going to church followed by a celebration.  I can just imagine lotsw of people crammed into the candlelit church, the Priest chanting and afterwards everyone  drinking and eating in and outside the little house.  This was decorated with lace and other beautiful  ceramics and glasses, as well as rugs draped over chairs and on the floor.  This was very reminiscent of the Romanian houses I saw and stayed in in Moldavia.
The Greek family who were so welcoming showed me the lace table cloths (made by their ancestors) and the wooden boxes full of pretty little cups, saucers and glasses used for the occasion.  They would have been perfect for the Brocante!

Need to go and find all the beautful cups and saucers and bowls that I have ready to take to my Brocante.  I am particularly thrilled having found a beautiful tea service at the Talent for Textiles fair at the American museum and two unusual Alfred Meakin jugs from the giant Flea market at Bath Racecourse.  Come and See!

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