Thursday, 4 August 2011

Bath V&A fair, Green Park, Bath

I was delighted to actually do the Bath V&A fair, having set up my Brocante at the same time as Naomi was setting this up.  It was a great venue, with a real market feel to it.  It was light and airy with much hustle and bustle and dealers selling interesting things.  Notably Sue Stokes as ever, Ken Howarth from Decorative Details with their wonderful cushions covered in French fabrics and painted furniture and chairs etc  I almost felt as if I was walking into a room, as it was so beautifully set out.  Victoria Burton from Puce and Co had some fabulous Brocante too.  You can see my leanings towards the Brocante for inspiration!  I bought a beautiful beaded sash from Susie Needham that had come from a 1920s dress, and admired her vintage clothes and fabulous retro lobster print material.  She can be found at the Talent for Textiles fair at the American Museum on Thursday 1st September, which I am greatly looking forward to.  Kirsty McLatchie had an interesting selection of more modern Brocante finds, with some fabulous industrial lights.  I was very grateful to Janine Payne from Retropots who inspired me to read more about retro ceramics and also gave great advice about tweeting.  I sold well and met some interested and friendly buyers, as well as spreading the word about the next Brocante.  Glad to catch up with Catherine Stokes too with her beautiful vintage china and cakes, only sorry I didn't get to taste one.  I'll have to wait for her next secret tea party.  Think Naomi did a fantastic job and would definitely do it again.

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